“It’s a good problem to have.”

You’ve heard that one before, right? Your business is overwhelming you, your family and your employees with its success. That’s a problem that can lead to a lot of questions.

We’ve got answers.

The first answer is: the constraints you’re feeling are about more than capital. CID brings incredible business experience and leadership to the table. We develop a strategic, five-year roadmap that’s individually developed and tailored for every business we work with—then we roll up our sleeves to help you execute the plan. And we put the resources in place to ensure we’re all successful.

Who exactly do we work with? Well, like you, we’re most interested in a great fit. Sure, we’ve got investment criteria. But after those boxes are checked, what we really seek are companies and leadership with whom we feel a cultural fit. We covet relationships that are healthy, growth-oriented and win-win.

With every industry we serve, and in every market we enter, we encounter new, unique challenges. With our disciplined approach, we put our resources and experience to work on minimizing the uncontrollable—and along the way, we turn previously chaotic scenarios into predictable business models.

Believe us: you’ve got a great thing going. And that’s the best kind of problem to have.