Evriholder Products

Company: Evriholder

Engagement: Owner Recapitalization

Headquarters: Anaheim, CA

Type of Business: Designer and supplier of innovative daily-use house wares products with unique impulse merchandising

Investment Date: August, 2008

Exit Date: September, 2011

The founders of Evriholder started the company in 1995 with a single line of tie and belt organizers. The Company became very successful and grew rapidly. The founders eventually sought an owner recapitalization, a transaction that would allow them to take money off the table but retain management and significant ownership of their Company. Finding the “right” partner is incredibly important for these long-term partnerships. The team ultimately selected CID Capital for the transaction.

CID helped Evriholder develop a detailed growth strategy, emphasizing the Company’s ability to manage large retail programs. We recruited world class outside board candidates with significant house wares industry experience and contacts. We also led and financed two add-on acquisitions that opened up new product and channel opportunities. The Company achieved aggressive sales and EBITDA growth targets based on the work done throughout our partnership.

CID managed a successful sale process for the Company to a larger private equity firm in September, 2011. All managers retained their positions and reinvested in the company for the next stage of growth. CID prides itself on being a strong strategic and financial partner to companies like Evriholder. Beyond the successful financial outcome, CID’s partnership with Evriholder Products was downright fun, an important consideration to both organizations!


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