Apr 27, 2022
CID Capital Announces Merger Between LumiSource and Grandview Gallery

April 27, 2022: Indianapolis-based private equity firm CID Capital (“CID”) announced the merger between portfolio companies LumiSource and Grandview Gallery. "LumiSource is excited to announce that we have added Grandview Gallery to our business family.  The combination of the two companies will yield more opportunities for our sales channels and enhance our e-commerce presence and growth. This partnership is expected to result in greater efficiencies in inventory management and fulfillment," said Steve Lee, President of LumiSource.

"Both LumiSource and Grandview's cultures are rooted in systematic and comprehensive new product development. This skillset, combined with customer and operational synergistic benefits, creates a unique opportunity for continued growth. We are excited about the partnership between the two companies" said Steve Cobb, Managing Partner of CID Capital.

About LumiSource

Headquartered in Elk Grove Village, IL, LumiSource is a leading full-service supplier in the home furnishings industry since 1997. Specializing in Mid-Century, Industrial, and Modern designs, LumiSource provides stylish and affordable products across living, dining, office, and lighting categories.

About Grandview Gallery

Headquartered in Memphis, TN, Grandview Gallery is a designer and supplier of home décor products such as lamps, fixtures, and pendants. Since 2006, Grandview has committed to meeting the lighting needs of partners of all sizes.

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